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With more than thirty years of experience, Translation Pros provides top-quality translations,
localisation and editing services to businesses and individuals.

Offering Professional Translations Since 1994


We have the expertise that can ensure that the quality of your original material is communicated in a style that reflects your professionalism and truly resonates with your target audience. With our wide-ranging experience and long-standing record, we have the knowledge and the skills to transfer the nuances of one language into another, creating translations of impeccable quality.


Professional experience, combined with dedication, attention to detail, commitment and language skills are the attributes we offer our clients. We act as bridges between you and your intended audience. With our expertise your message is communicated with the appropriate terminology and style in the target language, resulting in translations of the highest quality.

Multilingual Projects

We have the experience and know-how to deliver coherent and coordinated multilingual projects thanks to our network of translators, writers, editors and proof-readers working together as a unit. Do you have a multilingual recording project? Let us personally supervise and manage your multilingual voice-overs and recordings.

Language Specialisation

Typically, the bulk of our work is in the four European languages, French, Italian, German and Spanish, with particular emphasis on Spanish-English and English-Spanish thanks to our large client base in Spain where we have been providing translation and editing services for many years to ministries, universities, architects, legal firms, businesses, marketing companies, etc.

Certified Translations

There is a growing demand in Ireland for the certified translation of legal and official documentation legal, state, contractual or immigration purposes. As an ITIA Certified Legal Translator, Penelope is authorised to provide official certified translations of legal documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, academic transcripts, contracts, licences, wills, court rulings, powers of attorney, etc. from Spanish into English. Your certified translations will be accurate, delivered on time and handled with total privacy and confidentiality.

Editing and Proofreading

After a thorough review by a professional editor/proof-reader, your text will stand up to the tough scrutiny of clients, publishers, retailers, and clients. It is a skill that translators develop with time and experience. And if your original translation project was not carried out by a native translator or if Machine Translation was involved, it is vital to opt for an editor, who will carefully review all the linguistic and style elements and ensure that the final translation represents a flawless reproduction of the original text.

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Our services are provided through our project manager, Penelope Eades Alvarez. She will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and needs and ensure that, where necessary, your content is adapted to suit your target audience and consistent with your corporate brand and image.

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